BWI Parking - How To Arrive at the Perfect Parking Venue

Passengers at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. Photo: John Picken on Flickr.

The Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) in Maryland is ranked among the best managed airports in the U.S. In fact, this year, the prestigious Airports Council International picked BWI as the best airport of its size (15-25 million passengers served in one year) in the world! It’s only fitting, therefore, that BWI parking locations (owned by the airport) also have the best rates and accommodations.

If you’re flying out of BWI Marshall and searching for a great BWI parking location, you should strongly consider parking your vehicle at one of the airport’s own parking facilities. We’re getting ahead of ourselves here, let’s first take a closer look at the different BWI airport parking alternatives to choose from.

Hourly Parking

Compared to the rates in neighboring airports like Philadelphia (PHL) or Dulles (IAD), the hourly rate ($4) for parking at BWI is definitely much lower. For that amount, it’s also the most convenient, located just in front of the main airport terminal. Still, if you’re planning to park for longer than 2 hours, this could easily become a costly option.

Daily Rates

Likewise, the BWI rate for daily parking ($12 per day) is lower than in some neighboring airports such as Reagan National ($20 per day). If you’ll be away for several days, leaving your vehicle at the BWI indoor daily parking garage is a good option.

BWI Airport Parking Options on Squidoo

Express Parking at BWI Airport

The rate for Express parking at BWI at $10 per day is a bit cheaper than their daily parking rate. I guess it’s because the express outdoor parking lot is situated a little farther than the daily garage. In my opinion, though, this service where an express shuttle picks you up directly from where you parked your vehicle and drives you to the terminal, and then when you return, drives you from the terminal directly to your parked vehicle, is a winner.

Long Term Parking at BWI

If you’re planning a vacation or business trip for 7 days or more and looking for a parking lot that will not burn a hole in your pocket when you come back, the long term BWI Airport parking alternative is the way to go. You can hardly go wrong at $8 per day with the lots serviced by closely-scheduled shuttle vehicles.

Outside Parking

There are numerous outside privately-owned garages and lots available to BWI passengers, like the Park ‘N Fly lot along Camp Meade Road and the EconoPark Express along Ridge Road. These establishments offer long term parking rates ranging from $9 to $10 daily and are served by their own shuttle transportation. These are often run by large parking companies managing several dozen other similar locations across the country - they’re a great alternative for parking long-term.

So, why am I strongly recommending the airport-owned BWI parking? The obvious answer, of course, is in the rates. It’s far less expensive to bring your car to BWI Airport’s own long term parking facilities than at any outside lot or garage - something that simply doesn’t happen in most of the other major airports. BWI goes the extra mile with add-ons like car keys assistance, jump cables for dead batteries, flat tire assistance, sensors in every parking bay - which all adds tremendous value to their best parking service.

Trying to find the ideal BWI parking? I’m sure you know now where to look for it.

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