Discover Popular Logan Airport Parking Choices

Highway lane to Logan Airport. Photo: uzi978 on Flickr.
Logan Airport parking can occasionally be a frustrating experience for the clueless traveler. However, this doesn’t have to be your fate if you familiarize yourself with your parking choices. Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), a city within a city, is New England’s largest airport. This airport boasts of 2,384 acres of property that includes a fire department, a police department, a power plant, 2 hotels, and a chapel. To date, nearly 13 million passengers have already passed through Logan Airport in 2010. With this many people, parking at Logan airport could be a bit of a problem if you don’t know where to go.

There are a variety of Logan airport parking options on-site that are available to airport workers, air travelers and airport visitors. In addition to these, you have the convenience of bringing your vehicle to one of the nearby private garages also. Detailed below are some of the best parking choices you may want to consider.

Logan Central Parking Garage

The Central Parking Garage is the best option for travelers that need easy access to the airport terminals (A,B,C and E). Through pedestrian walkways, bridges and moving sidewalks, travelers can rapidly walk to and from this parking garage to their terminals. Logan airport parking prices at this location are $3 per thirty minutes or $6 per hour, with a daily rate of $24.

Economy Parking

Parking at Logan airport provides for economy alternatives as well. The Economy Parking Lots are minutes away from the terminals via free shuttle transportation. The half hour parking rate is $3 or $6 per hour, with a daily rate of $18. If you are in need of Logan airport long-term parking, this parking garage would be your best alternative. Long term parking rates  starts (based on 5-7 day stay) at $108 per week.

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Guaranteed Parking at Logan Airport

If you have limited time or need guaranteed Boston airport parking spot, you should consider their PASSport or the PASSport Gold cards. With these VIP cards you have the convenience of immediate in and out access to parking at Logan airport by simply swiping your card at the reader when driving into or out of the lots. Registration is necessary for these programs and the rate is higher for PASSport Gold travelers because of the parking guarantee. As a PASSport Gold cardholder, if for any reason no parking bay is available, your vehicle will be valet parked at no extra charge.

Off-Airport Parking

There are numerous independent Boston airport parking providers that run garages and lots just minutes away from the airport. Most of these provide cheaper rates and 24/7 shuttle service to and from the airport. One such company, Park Shuttle & Fly, is situated a few miles north on William F. McClellan Hwy. Right now, their daily rate is $18.50, with a long term parking rate of $130 per week. Transportation between the airport and the facility is always free for all parking clients. Always confirm the rates with your parking garage before booking your reservations.

Considering the variety of Logan airport parking choices accessible to you, you are bound to get a parking spot that meets your needs. Finding the most convenient Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) parking spot doesn’t have to be a stressful task.

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