Pittsburgh International Airport Concourse B from the US Airways Club. Photo: runJMrun on Flickr
Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is actually distinguished as one of the finest airports in the nation today, determined in consideration of service excellence and client approval ratings. Facilities and services here, like Pittsburgh Airport parking for instance, are the envy of other airports of comparable size to Pittsburgh Airport. Well over 8,000,000 passengers pass through Pittsburgh annually, but even with the relatively great volume of passengers, airport parking at PIT continues to be pretty adequate.

There are around 13 thousand PIT parking spaces available to the public inside the airport. Let’s review your options.

Terminal Garage Parking

Garage Parking is, obviously, the most handy parking option at Pittsburgh Airport. This is a short-term service available in the 2 airport garages located right in front of the terminal. At $24 per day ($1 for the first hour, $3 for each additional hour), terminal garage parking is perfect for short trips to the airport meeting or dropping off a passenger.

Airport Long-term Parking

Long-Term Parking is another hassle-free service and considerably friendlier to the wallet. There are 3,750 spots reserved for long-term Pittsburgh Airport parking. These are dispersed in the lots adjacent to the Hyatt-Regency hotel and are linked to the Landside Terminal via a moving pathway. Parking here will cost $12 each day and  is most likely the practical option for passengers on short trips, visitors, and sightseers.

For anybody on a budget, the most cost-effective PIT parking solution is Extended Parking at only $8 daily. There are 7,350 parking bays intended for this option found just behind the long-term parking areas. The facility is serviced by complimentary luxury shuttle transports working continuously to ferry parkers to and from the Landside Terminal building.

PIT Airport Parking on Squidoo

Off-Site Parking

Like in any bustling airport, the airport-operated parking facilities generally hit full occupancy at some point in the course of a given week (especially during the holidays), it’s always prudent to have other choices outside the airport. There are several private parking operators that can help you out in case there’s no more space to park at the airport. The good thing with these locations aside from the reasonable rates is that you can essentially guarantee your Pittsburgh Airport parking spot with them long before your scheduled trip.

To point out one or two examples, Charlie Brown’s Airport Parking lot on Flaugherty Run Rd features charges that are a match to the Extended Parking rate at PIT airport. The neighboring FastTrack Garage also provides similar reasonably priced fees and both lots operate their in-house complimentary ground transportation to drive passengers to (or collect them from) the airport terminal.

Pittsburgh Airport parking, usually during the peak weeks, can be a bit of a problem for those people who choose to risk it, without looking at availability initially with the airport’s website (they do publish up-to-the-minute parking condition in their facilities). Frequently, the on-site facilities are filled to capacity and that might be an issue if you’re in a rush to catch a plane.

If you’re commuting during peak season, the ideal approach  from my point of view, is to prepare for your vacation ahead of schedule and secure your airport parking via internet with the off-airpor companies. Traveling can sometimes be stressful if you choose to worry about a lot of things. Pittsburgh Airport parking doesn't have to be one of those.