LaGuardia Airport Parking - How To Save on Car Parking Fees

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There are 7 LaGuardia Airport parking facilities and about 3 large remote parking locations open to all travelers at LGA. If you’ve made the effort to familiarize yourself a bit with the airport facilities and amenities and to make your reservation in advance, parking at LaGuardia International Airport (LGA) in New York City shouldn't be that difficult at all.       

The airport-owned parking stations are located conveniently near the terminals: site 1 (open lot) and site 2 (covered parking) are both located near the Central Terminal Building; site 3 (for LGA long-term parking) is near the CTB and the US Airways Terminal; parking sites 4 and 5 are located near the Delta Airways building; and finally, LaGuardia Airport parking lots 6 and 7 and the metered parking lot are all adjacent to the Marine Air Terminal.

LGA, sadly, has earned some degree of notoriety for frequent flight delays - it was voted as the worst airport in the United States in 2009 because of this problem - a 180 degrees reversal of its fortunes - in 1960, La Guardia was hailed as the best airport in the world by the flying community, at the time. Nonetheless, it's the airport nearest to Manhattan, which is the compelling motivation for busy Gothamites to keep using it. With over 20,000,000 travelers using the  airport every year, LaGuardia Airport parking can be a bit challenging especially around the peak holiday seasons.

Hourly parking at LaGuardia Airport Lots 1,4,5,6, and 7 has a rate of $3 for the first 30 minutes and $3 for each succeeding hour after the first two hours, with a 24-hour cap of $33. Again, these are short-term parking rates and best for people who are staying for no longer than 1-2 hours at LaGuardia. These facilities can actually be used for parking of up to 1 month, at exactly the same hourly rates!

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Parking lot 3 is the only facility reserved for long-term LGA parking. The parking fees here are slightly reduced at $66 for the first 48 hours and $6 for every succeeding 8 hours. These rates are closely similar to those in practically every large airport in the United States, but it clearly would still be outrageously expensive to park in this so-called long-term parking lot, if you're going on a month-long trip.

In my opinion, the only economical alternatives for long-term LaGuardia Airport parking are the ones provided by the off-airport parking facilities. These are very accessible and quality service facilities owned by people who are quite experienced in the airport parking business. There's AirPark on Ditmars Blvd, Dollar airport parking at 94th St, and Avistar along 23rd Ave, to name a few. For a 7 day trip, parking would cost anywhere from $119 to $170 with AirPark having the least expensive rate. Before you reserve the parking space, be certain that you have the latest rates by visiting their site or by calling them directly. It might also help to inquire about valet or shuttle service, promotions, discounts, coupons, and special rates for certain types of payment.

LaGuardia Airport parking should be a priority in your travel planning, if you've decided to use LGA for its close proximity to Manhattan. Finding a great parking space at LGA Airport is easy if you know your options. Remember to place your reservation and have a safe journey.

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